Our Asset Recovery Process

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1.You Retire Your Old Computer Equipment

Once it's no longer cost effective to continue to repair, upgrade or otherwise maintain a piece of technology, it's reached the end of its life cycle with you. But for Capitol Asset Recovery, its life has just begun.

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2.We Receive A List of Your Equipment

Getting a comprehensive sense of your inventory is the first — and often most important — step in helping us buy your used computer equipment. Once we have that list of your equipment, we can begin the process of appraising it, receiving the equipment and giving you monetary compensation.

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3.We Provide A Free Quote

Once we receive your list has been received, we will assess the value of your equipment — for free!

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4.We Take Care of Shipment

After you've accepted our quote, it's time to ship your equipment. We will arrange for shipment to our warehouse in Beltsville, Md., and in many cases, we will pay the costs associated with shipping! We have streamlined this process so that you save the most time and money.

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5.We Refurbish The Equipment

Once your equipment is safely in our warehouse, our refurbishing team restores your equipment to perfect working order, sending your equipment on its way to a bright future.

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6.New End Users Purchase Your Old Equipment

Equipment that once was considered obsolete is now refurbished and ready for our retail channels. End users will be able to purchase your equipment online or in one of our two retail stores — your old computers will find a good home!

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