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IT Asset Recovery Services

Surplus Computers

Do you have old computers you'd like to sell? We'll buy them! We're a small company focused on customizing our services for our clients. We're constantly redefining the disposal process. In some cases, we're even able to rebuild old computers and donate them to schools and organizations that can't afford to buy their own. Our thorough data wiping process makes sure that everything is completely removed from your hard drive.

The Buying Process

Computer Disposal and Data Wiping

Whether you have no idea what a DOD wipe is, or you simply need help stripping your computer of sensitive data before you unload it, we can provide you with the facts and resources to do it right the first time.

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Auditing Services

Equipment auditing is required for leasing companies by the terms of every contract, but it can be both expensive and time consuming. Capitol Asset Recovery, Inc. has the physical warehouse space, resources, and expertise to professionally audit any computer equipment, and take the hassle and worry off your hands.

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Our Donation Services

Maybe you'd rather donate your old computer and equipment to people who can really use it. We can help you with that too. We rebuild old computers and donate them to schools and nonprofits that can't buy new computers.

Our Donation Services


De-labeling: the process of removing all personal licenses and other associations to your ownership of a computer — is an important step in the process. It helps you keep your information private and secure, and lets you reuse those software licenses on your next new computer.

Our De-Labeling Services

Consignment Sales

Use Capitol Asset Recovery's retail space to sell your used equipment — in certain situations, we'll happily split the fees with you for improved visibility and better salability of your computers.

Consignment Sales

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