Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Our Promise To You.

Capitol Asset Recovery was created as a direct response to the needs of the IT market: Technology was growing in speed, capacity and capability faster than the recovery market could keep up; used computers and monitors were routinely being thrown in landfills at the end of their life cycles, despite laws prohibiting this practice.

Of course, we didn't just want to help make IT disposal environmentally safe. We also knew that with so much waste in the current market, we could make money — and help companies we buy from make money as well.

Unlike other companies that buy used computer equipment, we didn't want to be just another middleman selling equipment lots to other resellers. We make the most of the equipment we purchase by refurbishing and remarketing it ourselves. We've mastered the art of vertical integration: purchasing directly from end users, refurbishing the equipment and selling directly to new end users.

We're proud to be able to resell older technology to those who might not be able to afford it otherwise, and we promise to deliver the best return for your surplus equipment.

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