Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Your best contacts to guide you through the process of turning your used computers into cash!

The Capitol Assets Recovery team will guide you through the entire process of turning your used computer equipment into cash!

Every recovery situation is unique; a website's FAQ and generic e-mail form won't be able to address every client's questions and concerns. We want our customers to be able to consult with a living, breathing source of expert advice to ensure that they are satisfied every step of the way. Our staff receives extensive training to make selling your used computer equipment as smooth as possible for you.

They're here for you! Take some time to get to know them.

Chris Scott, Chief Executive Officer

Zack Boorstein, VP Scrap Metal & Electronics Recycling

Ethan Hubbard, Vice President Operations

Tim Hilton, Marketing and Business Development

Robert Sargent, Founder

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