What is a DOD Wipe?

Data Wiping - DOD Wipe

Department of Defense Data Wiping Standards

A DOD wipe exposes your hard drive to alternating magnetic fields that overwrite your original data with random patterns. A good wipe is 90% unrecoverable, and a DOD wipe is in the number of times the drive is re-written over with random patterns. The more times it is overwritten, the better — but a DOD wipe is obviously longer and more costly.

Because they deal with sensitive and top secret information at the Department of Defense, a DOD wipe requires that a hard drive be overwritten seven times to be considered unrecoverable.

If you deal with any sort of sensitive information — even as simple as storing financial data on your hard drive — it's worth considering a more extensive data wipe when you sell your used computer equipment to Capitol Asset Recovery.

Email Chris Scott, our Chief Executive Officer, who will be happy to explain the process further.

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